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Shanghai MRLING Measurement Technology Co., Ltd.
Is a professional instrument, measuring, online inspection and manufacturing suppliers

Company profile

Company profile

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Shanghai MRLING Measurement Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional instrument, measuring tools, fixture design and manufacturing suppliers online

We have the following technical capabilities:

The development, design and manufacturing technology of LVDT (HBT) independent of various displacement sensors

The development and manufacturing technology of sensor amplifier

Professional measurement software of independent intellectual property

SPC online natural frequency detection and software

On-line eddy current flaw detection and control software

All kinds of measuring devices, inspection tools, independent meter, single station measuring machine, on-line measuring machine design and manufacturing, whole line detection scheme

Provide free technical consultation for product line design detection scheme

We are adhering to the following concepts and experience companies

Company vision: unlimitless pursuit of technical excellence to provide accurate measurement for industrial development

Company mission: design and manufacture first-class, belong to the high end online measurement solution of the Chinese people themselves

Business strategy: only do what you do best, integrate the market advantage resources

Only choose the most mature parts of the market as the standard parts of the company's foreign purchase

Focus on product development and research in the field of measurement

To "solve the problem for customers" as a business philosophy

Taking advantage of technology as the base of enterprise management and conscience management

Company products:

Engine and powertrain components testing instruments: cylinder block, crankshaft, camshaft, balance shaft, connecting rod, cylinder head, oil pan, flywheel, sprocket, gearbox shaft, gear, bearing, flange, etc.

Auto parts testing instruments: brake disc, hub, brake drum, semi axle bracket, steering knuckle, drive shaft, universal joint, bearing cover, piston, etc.

Testing instruments for air conditioning and refrigerator compressor parts: cylinder block, upper and lower cylinder head, crankshaft, piston, rotor and so on.

The company's professional technical team, professional service, on the basis of high cost performance, let you reduce cost investment, and get the return as soon as possible.

Shanghai Mai Ruiling to serve you!