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development history

development history

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• 2006.11 company registration
• design and manufacture of 2006.12 thread runout meter, and transfer the technology to the Shanghai Metrology Institute as a patent for thread runout appraiser
• formal mass production of 2007.4 standard pen sensors
More than 2007.9 special applications for the formal application of sensor elastomers
2008.3 the national Ministry of science and Technology (Ministry of science and Technology) eleven. Five major, the slider meter is made and delivered. The first order is over 1 million.
• the 2009.10 high precision axis diameter meter was successfully delivered to the grinder and polisher in Switzerland and India
• 2010.4 successfully developed an internal diameter meter with a diameter of 2 microns
• 2011.6 to start making the first brake disc meter
• 2011.10 delivery of the first brake disc meter and 6 other units at the same time
• 2011.11 to start the development of the independent brand measurement system. More than 50 systems have been operated at the customer site
• 2011.12 the first hub measuring instrument and verifying significant deviations from the measurement data of the import meter
• 2012.1 the first signing of the whole line meter, including 7 automatic measuring machines, 7 manual, and data feedback.
• 2012.4 full automatic brake disc automatic measuring machine, including measurement, marking, entrance and exit, automatic unmanned operation
• 2012.8 first engine cylinder automatic measuring machine
• 2013.4 formally signed with the Shanghai Volkswagen, balancing the axis meter. At the same time officially registered trademark "Shanghai Mai Ruiling"
2013.9 first heavy-duty truck brake hub meter, customer satisfaction and design full automatic meter
• 2013.11 brake disc automatic generation line, whole line planning, design, logistics, detection line successfully signed. It's already signed up to sixth lines