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Shanghai MRLING Measurement Technology Co., Ltd.
Is a professional instrument, measuring, online inspection and manufacturing suppliers

management model

management model

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- we only do what we are best at
• we are the core competitiveness of the company as a company
• internal process of the company
Order, project discussion, design, procurement, assembly, commissioning, delivery, on-site service and acceptance
• the core parts and components of our own research and development:
Sensor standard sensor for special application of sensor elastomer and other core measurement components
Measurement system amplifier
Measurement software + special software management application package, etc.
• personnel outsourcing, financial outsourcing, outsourcing of standard parts, all outsourcing of mechanical processing, and the ability to buy standard external purchase parts without processing.
• establish long-term cooperation and technical exchanges with colleges and universities. Universities, Zhejiang University and HeFei University of Technology are currently working in Colleges and universities.