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Recruitment position

Recruitment position

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1. Mechanical Design Engineer
Post duties:
1, complete the design and drawing of non - standard machinery according to the requirements of the project and customer, and guide the processing, assembly and debugging.
2, to solve the technical problems in the process of equipment production and assembly.
3, responsible for the whole process of equipment tracking, including the design of equipment to product delivery and after-sale abnormal guidance;
4. Write the relevant engineering documents (machine drawing, BOM, cost accounting, product acceptance, product specification, etc.).
1. Major in mechanical design related majors and above, skilled in using SOLIDWORK or PROE and other 3D mechanical design software and AUTOCAD software;
2 or more than 1 years experience in mechanical design of non-standard automation equipment is preferred. Familiar with cylinder block, stepping motor, servo motor, slide and slider, and familiar with all kinds of mechanical action principles.
3, the work is conscientious and responsible, rigorous and meticulous, have good team spirit and communication ability.