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Eddy current measuring instrument for brake disc

Eddy current measuring instrument for brake disc

The brake disc is a safe part of the car, and the product produced by the manufacturer must crack the surface of the workpiece before it is delivered.

At present, the main technical means in the market are mainly magnetic powder detection!


Any position, such as the surface of the brake disc, can be detected.


Only artificial eye observation

After the flaw detection needs to be cleaned

Automation can not be realized at present

Long beat time

Shanghai Mai Ruiling inductive eddy current inspection method developed, can achieve 100% full automatic inspection, without manual judgment, automatic separation of nonconforming parts. The beat can be done for 40 seconds / pieces

The principle of eddy current flaw detection is to use the inductor eddy current sensor to scan the continuous surface of the workpiece without contact with the surface of the workpiece. If there is a crack, the system will be automatically identified. The unqualified signal is given.

The final judgment of whether the workpiece meets the requirements.

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